You can enter time cards for negative amounts to offset an existing time card.

  1. Enter a time card just like the existing one, but for negative amounts.
  2. Verify and post the negative time card.
  3. Calculate net pay, and since the time cards offset each other, they will disappear.
Alternate Solution

From the Payroll Net Pay Calculations folder:

  1. Click on Write Checks.
  2. Select the bank and click on Next.
  3. In the Define Preliminary Check Register, click on the Employee Selector
  4. In the Employee Selector screen, select the Data Item .employee
  5. Type in the employee number to be excluded in both the First Value and Last Value.
  6. Click on the Add button, and  click on OK.
  7. Continue processing the payroll and the employee you excluded will not be processed.

The time cards that were not produced cannot be seen in the payroll folders, but are still at Net Pay Calculation status.  Therefore, after the payroll has been fully processed and logged, it is necessary to delete the set of 8 payroll processing files prior to the next payroll. See deleting the payroll in-process files