1. In Payroll, go to W-2 Processing, Define Federal Parameter.
  2. Type 'C' to Change.
  3. Enter '38' and press ENTER to change field 38 which is for box 14.
  4. Review the Optional 1, 2, and 3 fields.  If a data item is listed but incorrect, change the data item to the correct data item that should be displayed in box 14.  If no data item is listed, add the appropriate data item.
  5. Enter through the remaining fields.
  6. Type '0' to accept the changes.
  7. Continue with the W-2 Process.  Since there was a change to the parameter, the extraction process must be completed again.  Details on how to process W-2 forms can be found at the User Guides section at www.blackbaud.com.