Sometimes there will be old entries in IBR that should not be there as they were imported in error.

They may be from a timeframe earlier than when the user started reconciling in IBR or from some other erroneous situation.

The scenario below can be used to clear out many items that should not be there and when having a reconciled status is correct.  *Note exceptions below on old AP checks  **Note this should not be used for checks that need to have a void status.

If you run check reports through Fundware AP or Payroll, the items you cleared will show as reconciled. Therefore, you don't want to do this with something that really is still outstanding. It is usually intended to clear minor discrepancies.   It works well for GL entries and Also for AR deposits as they really don't get posted back anywhere.

**NOTE:  on AP checks, it will put a reconciliation date of the month you did this, i.e. June 2011, so if you have a situation where you are planning on purging old obligations from AP, it would not delete these out because they would have a recent date on them.

If a user is trying to get out void AP checks that are still showing, this is NOT the method to use.

APCheckMaint.exe should be run to set the status correctly and then they are deleted from the register.  If they are then correct, they will not show up again.  If they continue to show, there is some other problem and we need the data.

Payroll does not use this same criteria for purging, so it does not have the same problem.

You can try this method in a test division to make sure it will handle the situation you are trying to correct to your satisfaction.

If unclear as to whether your situation meets this scenario, please check further with Support.


 Before preceding you must have completed your last Bank Reconciliation and not started another and should have a good Division Backup.


1. Click on Integrated Bank Reconciliation.
2. Start a new Bank Reconciliation.
3. The Closing Balance from bank statement populates from your previous reconciled period.
4. Leave the Closing Balance for this statement at zero.
5. Mark the transactions that need to be removed as reconciled.  DO NOT mark any other transactions as reconciled. 
6. Enter the amount that appears in the Difference checkbox into the Closing Balance for this Statement field.
7. Click Done. You will be returned to the grid listing your finalized bank reconciliation.
8. Click on the Reconciliation you have just created and click Delete.  The reconciliation is removed from the system.

When you start your next bank reconciliation it will be as if nothing has been done except the transactions will be gone.