First, add the dimensions in GL/Maintenance/Dimensions that will be used in the new account numbers. 

Directions on how to use Account Builder to add accounts:

  1. In The General Ledger, select Accounts, Account Builder.
  2. Select the ID type to which you are adding accounts.
  3. Select the Account Status for the new accounts.
  4. Select the dimension that the program will use to create the account description.
  5. Select the Grid Display radio button to determine how the dimension values will display.
  6. Click the column heading to display the dimension value selection window.
  7. Select the individual check boxes for each dimension value or select multiple check boxes.  Click OK and your entry is added to the grid.
  8. Continue selecting values for each dimension.  As you make your selections, entries are added to the grid reflecting all possible combinations.
  9. Click to validate accounts.
  10. Once accounts are validated successfully, the Generate Accounts button is available and the accounts can be created.