A license number must be Obtained from Support in order to register the software. It is an add-on module that is part of the FundWare registration key but has it's own license number.
The name of the product has been changed to be Import Expert.

Please read the Connect User Guide for your version of FundWare. 

FundWare Connect is designed to be a single-user application; meaning that only one user at a time may be performing imports. A startup routine is employed to automatically detect the TTY # for the user’s workstation. The application needs to be installed on the FundWare server drive.

After installing, the Connect directory should include:
1. AFW_Connect_vX.XX.mde – the master program file, where X.XX is the version.
2. AFW_Connect_Setup.mdb – user-defined setup information.
3. FundWare Connect Guide.pdf.

To install connect:

1.  You should have a backup of your computer system.
2.  Make sure you are signed on to the server as Local Admin. (BB709310)
3. Close all other applications running on the machine and have all users exit and sign out of the software.
4. On our website, select Downloads from the Support menu and then select the download to install.


5. Review the Release Notes, available from the Web site with the download files.
6. Click on the executable for the download, and click Save on the File Download screen to save the executable to your server's hard drive.   It can also be saved to the server desktop.
7. When the download completes, open the control panel.

  • For Windows Server 2003, XP, and Windows 7, install the update using Add/Remove Programs.   Then choose Add Program from CD or Floppy even if you are installing something from your hard drive.  Click Next past the “A drive” and you will be given an option to browse to the program on the hard drive.  The Files of Type field might need to be changed to All Files.
  • For Windows Server 2008 install the service pack using Install Application on Terminal Server tool under Programs.

8. On the Welcome to the Install Wizard screen and click Next.
9. On the Setup License Terms screen, mark the I accept the licensing terms and conditions checkbox and click Next.
10. On the Connect installation summary screen, click Next.
11. On Installation Complete screen, click Finish.