Confirm the correct Blackbaud Payment Service credentials have been entered in the Blackbaud NetCommunity configuration settings.

Log into Blackbaud NetCommunity as a supervisor user:
  1. Go to Administration Sites & Settings
  2. Select the Web Services tab
  3. Enter or Re-enter the Blackbaud Payment Service credentials
    Note:  Do not assume that because there are token circles in the password field that there is a password. The [****] appear whether there is a password entered or not.
  4. Click Save
If you do not know what the password is see: How to change your Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS) or Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) password. This Knowledgebase solution also contains information for updating your BBPS credentials in The Raiser's Edge and/or BBECRM as they will need to be updated additionally.