We added a new business rule to help you manage the process of submitting invoice requests. In Accounts Payable, on the Invoice Requests business rule page, you can now select how you want to handle invoice requests that are submitted without attachments. You can choose to always allow, never allow, or to warn the requestor. The default is to always allow. Keep in mind, if you change the business rule, you must reset IIS for the change to take effect in WebPortal.

To access the business rule:
1. In Accounts Payable, Configuration, Business Rules, select Invoice Requests
2. For the option "Allow invoice requests to be submitted without an attachment," select Always, Warn if no attachment, or Never.

Note: If the business rule is changed, updates made in =The Financial Edge are pushed out to WebPortal when it is refreshed, which happens every 15 minutes by default.
For an immediate change, it's possible to restart the IIS so the change will take effect in WebPortal.