To mark checks to reconcile:

  1. From Payroll, Bank Reconciliation, Enter Reconciliation, type in 1 for Function, press Enter.
  2. Press F1 and highlight your bank, press Enter.
  3. Enter down to Ref # range, and enter the check number(s) you want to void.
  4. Press Enter twice until top of screen says, Are your entries correct?  Press Enter to say yes.
  5. A list of the selected checks will show on the screen, press Enter.
  6. Type N for no more entries.  The screen will disappear.

To post the marked for reconcile checks:

  1. From Payroll, Bank Reconciliation, Post Reconciliation, Press F1 and highlight your bank, press Enter.
  2. Type F - Post reconciliation entries, press Enter three times.
  3. At Enter field to be changed (0 to accept), press Enter to accept the changes. press Enter again.


    1.  If a check is voided, with no other steps,  the Payroll check history report PYCKHST will show 2 lines for the check, both showing outstanding.
     2. The One Line Check List  PYCK1LN  will show the check in 2 lines as "Normal voided" which is the original check, and then will show "Void normal" with a negative entry, which is the void.
     3.  The Bank Reconciliation check report BRCHKRP will show both Void and outstanding if both selections are chosen (to include outstanding and to include voids).

     1. After marking the void as reconciled, the Payroll Check History report PYCKHST shows both lines as reconciled, but the in and out entries are shown.  It does not have the word "void" on the report.
     2. The One Line Check List PYCK1LN will show everything if a check status of "A" for all is selected.  A "v" for void will show the original and void lines, and an "N" status for show only normal checks, will not show the void at all.
     3.  The Bank Reconciliation Check Report BRCHKRP, when selected to Include reconciled and Voided Items will include both lines.  This is the report that shows the best overall picture when run to include voids.

A voided check has 2 entries, one for the original entry, and one to record the void with negative entries.  It appears in the employee check history in this same way.