1. Browse to the drive where FundWare is installed.
  2. Browse to \FundWare\7.XX\Bin where 7.XX is you version number.
  3. Double-click on EncryptionUtility.exe.
  4. Enter SA for the username.
  5. Enter SA password.
  6. Confirm credentials and click Set Registry Encryptions. 

The fwc.enc (FundWare Connections Encryption file) will also need to be reset by FundWare Support. Contact Support and reference this article.  Attach your FWC.ENC file from the FundWare\Data folder when creating your case and provide us with the following information:

  • The name of your FundWare server
  • The SA password for the SQL Server
  • All divisions in FundWare
NOTE:  The SA password must use only alphanumeric characters and cannot contain any special characters.