1. In Accounts Payable, select Open.
  2. In the left hand navigation tree, look at all folders beneath the bank, under Disbursements.
  3. If there is a + sign, click to Expand.
  4. Highlight any folders labeled New Mark.
  5. Post all obligations in the New folders.
  6. Select the Marked for Pay folder and click Chk Writing again.
If you do not see a New folder, there will be a user number after the error message.  You must log in as this user, post the obligations, and then pay.  If the user is not available and payments must be created:
  1. Log in to Division 00, System Administration.
  2. Expand Security, and highlight Users.
  3. Double click or Edit the user who needs to post.
  4. Change the user password and click OK.
  5. Log back in to the working division and complete the steps above.