To export the first, last, or largest gift to a specific fund, campaign, or appeal:
  1. Create a Constituent export.
  2. Review settings on the General tab.
  3. On the Output tab, select one of the following fields:
    • First Gift > Gift Amount
    • Last Gift > Gift Amount
    • Largest Gift > Gift Amount
  4. In the new Gift Criteria window, click on the Filters tab.
  5. On the Fund, Campaign, or Appeal row, click on All in the Include column.
  6. Click on the downward arrow and choose Selected.
  7. On the far right in the same row, click on the binoculars in the Selected Filters column.
  8. Set the desired values:
    • To select values for Campaigns, Funds, or Appeals: Set Include at the top to Selected. Move the desired value(s) from left to right.
    • To use a Query filter for Campaigns, Funds, or Appeals: Set Include at the top to Query. Click the binoculars to search and add the desired query.
    • To use a Gift Query filter: Search for the desired Gift query.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Repeat steps 5 through 9 for each desired filter.
  11. Review other tabs of the Gift Criteria window.
  12. Click OK.
  13. Add other desired gift fields (such as Gift Date, etc.) and oher desired Export fields (such as name, address, etc.).
  14. Click Export Now.

To export export the first, last, or largest gift with a specific attribute**:
  1. Start a new query:
    • For a gift attribute, use a Gift query**
    • For a fund attribute, use a Fund query**
    • For a campaign attribute, use a Campaign query**
    • For an appeal attribute, use an Appeal query**
  2. On the Criteria tab, locate the desired attribute field under the Attributes > Specific Attributes
  3. Select the desired attribute
  4. Select the desired field and sets its criteria (Tip: The Description field is the value.)
  5. Click OK to add it the query.
  6. Optionally, add any other desired criteria.
  7. Save and close the query.
  8. Insert as a Query Filter in the desired Export fields in steps 5 through 9 above.
**These steps can be used for any specific field, not just attributes, that is not available in the Gift Criteria window. Be sure to use the corresponding Query type for the corresponding filter. For example, use a Fund query to filter on Fund Category on the Fund filter line of the Gift Criteria window.