Once a receipt is deposited, the payment will need to be returned.

Use the following instructions to return a payment item:

1.  Open the Accounts Receivable module.
2.  Under the Deposits folder, select the Financial Institution for which the item was returned.
3.  In the grid, double click the deposit to be returned, the Deposit Detail window will display.
4.  Select the Payment Items in Deposit tab.
5.  Highlight the item to be returned.
6.  Click Return Payment Item, a confirmation message will display when the process is complete.
7.  Click OK, FundWare creates a journal entry trace report and displays a second message with the GL batch ID number.

The return is listed in the FIA folder and the original invoice is returned to the Invoices -> Posted folder.


When you return a payment item from a deposited receipt, AR sends the appropriate credit and debit information to your General Ledger:

      Credit—AR credits the cash account associated with the selected FIA.
      Debit—AR debits the receivable account defined on the original invoice.

        (By default, this number was supplied by the revenue code. If the revenue code did not have an entry for the receivable account, AR applied the credit to the default receivable account on the customers record.)

NOTE:  If you change the receivable account on the revenue code between posting the invoice and posting the receipt, the new account is not impacted.