First log out of FundWare and sign back into FundWare.  Try doing the steps that caused the error and if the error does not occur, continue working as normal.  You do not need to do any further follow up.

If you are still receiving this error after logging out and signing back into FundWare, do the steps below. 

1. Log into division 00 (System Administration).
2. Click on System Utilities.
3. Enter program PYL901, no switches and no parameters.
4. User current business date.
5. Select division where error is occurring.
6. Run program.  This will create a PYL901.L## report that will list any duplicated data items.
7. If duplicated data items appear on the report then run the same program with a switch of 1. This will delete one of the duplications.
If no duplicated items are listed on the report then delete the following files:
##pya, ##pyw, ##pyx, ##pyy and their .idx files. ##=division

Keep in mind that this will remove any entries in the Timesheet and Net Calculation folders.  Once deleted you will have to enter the timesheets again and reprocess the payroll.  When removing the above files, do so only when nothing else works, since the payroll needs to be restarted.

Sometimes just logging out of FundWare and back in will allow the user to process payroll, but it is dependent on exactly where the error is occuring.
If  the error is occuring while in employee maintenance, with no one in payroll, try deleting ##pyi*, running pyl902,n,n (to recreate the pyi files).
Also under Fundware\7.x\bin run pycempinqutil.   Try doing those steps before deleting processing files.