icon of video cameraWatch a video that shows you how to walk you through the process.
1.   Install the latest 941 hot fix.
2.   Launch FundWare as a user with administrative permissions.
3.   Select payroll, 941 processing, and then select 'define 941 report parameter'.
4.   Complete each field of data as needed.
5.   Select '941 data extraction' to have the program automatically extract the appropriate 941 data.
6.   Select 'edit extracted 941 data' to make changes to or view the data extracted in the previous step.
7.   Click 'produce 941 report' which creates a .CSV document.
8.   This will create a new .CSV file in your data folder. By default your data folder will be located here, C:\FundWare\Data.
9.   Double click this .CSV file and open it in Excel or any other spreadsheet software.
Open the latest 941 PDF form directly from the IRS.
11. Copy the data from the .CSV file to the PDF document.
12. This PDF can be printed and mailed or e-filed.