The central table holds the instance ID numbers for processing data in FundWare. At some point, the central table was cleared, but the instance ID was not reset to 1.
  1. Get everyone out of FundWare and log into the server as the local administrator.

  2. Open DOS by clicking Start, Run and entering CMD then clicking OK.  The prompt must be at the server drive that FundWare is located on. If FundWare is on the D drive, the prompt should be D:\.
  3. Type in: osql -E (Note the space between osql and -E).
  4. At the 1> prompt, enter: use afwcore    and press ENTER.
  5. At the 2> prompt, enter: go    and press ENTER.
  6. At the 1> prompt, enter: Delete from Central    and press ENTER.
  7. At the 2> prompt, enter: update instance set instanceID=1    and press ENTER.
  8. At the 3> prompt, enter: go    and press ENTER.
  9. Note the number of rows deleted from Central. If the Central table is large, it can take some time to clear out the entries.
  10. Note the number of rows updated on the instance table. It should be 1.
  11. Close DOS and Log into FundWare.