We recommend making a backup of your data before running any utilities.

1.  From the menu bar, select File, open Fundware.
2.  Select Division 00 System Administration, allow the business date to default to today's date, and click OK.
     The System Administration (00) Window will display.
3.  From the menu bar, select System Administration, System Utilities.
     Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
     Program Name      CST268
     Switches          20
     Parameters        GLS
     Business Date     Use today's date
     Division          Select the appropriate division.
     Click Run.
3.  At the blue screen, type in R to remove, type in the journal abbreviation that needs to be removed, and press Enter.
4.  Press Enter to say Yes to remove the journal.
5.  Press ESC, and press E to End