If your Totals are based on a Summary field, then you can just drag/copy the Summary totals from the Footer section to the Header section.
If your Totals are based on Running Totals (Running Totals won't work when placed in Header sections) then do one of the following:
  a. Create Summary totals to take the place of your Running Totals and then place the Summary totals in the Header section.
  b. Make a copy of your existing report and in the copied report, suppress everything except the Running Total values that you want to show in Header section of main report.  Then insert this copied report as a subreport into the main report and place the subreport in the Header section of your choice (Report or Group Header).  If placing the subreport in the Group Header, then remember to link the main report to the subreport based on the appropriate field so that the subreport totals are appropriate for each change in the group value.