Note: This is no longer in effect in 2011.  The data items remain in the toolbox and on client systems if they were implemented but this is no longer being calculated. They have been left in the toolbox in case aspects of the program are reinstated. The .E FICA calculation no longer looks for .E HIRE data items.

We are leaving the instructions below for historical purposes.
Once  ToolboxD has been downloaded from the Support Website,  run the following procedures.
1)      Generate a current listing of the Historical Data Items through Report Manager, under Payroll, Master Record Lists, Historical Data Items List. Produce a Detailed Report for all items. That will give an audit trail of what is changed.
2)      With no one else in Payroll, go to Payroll, Processing, Periodic Processing, Update Data Items from Toolbox. Enter the Data Item .E FICA. Follow the defaults to update and then exit.
3)      From Payroll, Setup, Payroll Parameter. Do a C)hange, and 0 to accept. E)nd out of the program. This refreshes the Employee Data Item (.HIRE ELIG) that was added.
4)      From Payroll, Setup, Historical Data Items, and A)dd .E HIRE. It will pull from the toolbox and all the defaults can be accepted. It is set to not post to General Ledger as it is for monitoring purposes only.
5)      Using the Report generated in Step 1,  add .E HIRE to field 4 of all the Earnings data items  that already have .E FICA on the “Basis for” line.
6)      For each employee that is eligible for the HIRE program, add the 'Hire Eligible' data item to their Pay Calculation tab. It will have the value of HIRE eligible. If they are not eligible, no entry is necessary.
We reconmmend copying to a test division prior to your next live payroll and test out that you have changed the correct setups and all is operating as needed.
Note: .E HIRE was originally on Toolbox C, but created a problem on a few user systems due to the internal number assigned on it.  If Toolbox C was loaded prior to Toolbox D.