There are cases when the Bank Reconciliation Files need to be reposted.  The actual running of the Check Report, and what is seen on the screen has changed at 7.60. It will always show Records Processed and Records changed. The report previously did not show any verbiage on the screen.

If a client had IBR, but also used the Check report under Payroll, Bank Reconciliation they were having to run an additional program, pyl963, to repost what was done in IBR to the cobol files.
The change to the Check report program eliminates the need for this extra step, but now goes through a reposting routine. This means that the report will take longer to run than it previously did.  The only way to make it quicker would be in cases where the client has many older years in payroll, and they are willing to purge out earlier years.  In that case it won't have as many records to go through.

If the report is hanging, incorrect, or has duplicate entries, do the following:

1. Make a backup of your division.

2. Open the Fundware/Data directory and delete the following 6 files.







## = Division number

3. Log into System Administration.

4. Select System Utilities.

5. Run Program PYL937 with no switches and no parameters. Business date can be today, select your division.
If your Bank ID is in Caps, it must be typed the same way here. If typed correctly, the Bank Name will display.
You MUST answer 'Y' to Print all records and a report, BRPOST.L## will be produced. The report can later be deleted if your check report produces correctly as in step 7.

6. Step 5 must be run for each payroll bank in the Division.

7. Run your Payroll Check report.