If you are on FundWare version 7.40.4035 or higher, running the program below should solve this issue.

1.  Verify all users are signed out of FundWare and you have a current backup of your division.
2.  From division 00 - System Administration, select System Administration, System Utilities.

     Execute Program

          Program Name:      CST900
          Switches:          <blank>
          Parameters:        CST907
          Business Date:     Use today's date
          Division:          Select the appropriate division.

     Click Run

If you are on FundWare version lower than 7.40.4035, or if running the program does not correct this issue, follow the instructions below.

This is caused by corruption in a GL file, and further steps need to be taken to see which file it is in. 

When the sync accounts is run, the error above is telling the user to look in the 01DTSErrorlog.txt under Fundware\Data\Extract to get the file name the problem is on.  (this error has the appropriate division number on it).

Once you get the file name as in the errorlog.txt file, open a file with that name again in the extract folder.

For example,
The error log read:
It shows “succeeded” on several steps.
Step 'Transform GLCSI' failed

Step Error Source: Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Data Pump
Step Error Description:The number of failing rows exceeds the maximum specified. (Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Data Pump (8004202b): TransformCopy 'DTSTransformation__3' conversion error:  Conversion invalid for datatypes on column pair 1 (source column 'Col003' (DBTYPE_STR), destination column 'TRACEJDATE' (DBTYPE_I4)).)
Step Error code: 8004206A
Step Error Help File:sqldts80.hlp
Step Error Help Context ID:0

It shows it was the csi file that had a problem. You are also noting what column it says the problem is on.  In this case it is column 003. (source column ‘Col003’)

1.  Under the extract folder, open the ##GLCSI.txt file in excel, by right-clicking and selecting “open with”, and choose Excel. 
2. Count over on the columns, and column 003 is equal to column C in the Excel file.
3. You are looking for an item that does not have data in it.  In this case it is the julien date.
              a.  Sort the Excel spreadsheet in the order of column 3 and that puts all the blanks together.  
              b.  To do this, put the cursor in the first cell in the spreadsheet and hit Control/A. 
              c.  From Data, Sort, select the column you want to sort by, descending.  It puts the lines with blanks at the top of the spreadsheet.
4.  After finding the account or accounts with a problem, go to General Ledger, Chart of Accounts, and edit the account by changing the description.  You can change it a 2nd time putting it back to the original.
5.  After the first change, hit Apply to stay in the screen.
6.  Change the description again and hit Okay.  This puts a date in the missing field and the sync accounts function should then work correctly.

If it does not, repeat the steps again to see what accounts still have problems as one or more could have been missed or not changed correctly. (Changing the description appears to work. On testing, changing the status, which was easier to do, did not correct the missing dates).