1. Create and submit a data file to Blackbaud containing the records to be screened:
    • Create a query of the constituents to include in the screening.
      Note: All records need to have a name and at least one address line. We recommend running an AddressFinder screening (BB65882) prior to this service so that all addresses are current and in a standardized format.
    • Using the selected records from your query, export (BB83120) the following fields in CSV (comma-separated values) format:
      • Spouse First name
      • Spouse Middle Name
      • Spouse Last name
      • Spouse Import ID
      • Constituent Preferred Address Line 1
      • Constituent Preferred Address Line 2
      • Constituent Preferred City
      • Constituent Preferred State
      • Constituent Preferred Zip Code
      • Constituent Import ID
      • Preferred Address Import ID
  2. Create a document containing the wording of your organization's mission statement for your broadcast email to confirm the spouse wants to receive emails. For sample wording for the email, refer to the Sample Broadcast Email Wording section below. To purchase a customized broadcast email, please contact your account representative for Data Enrichment Services.
  3. Submit the CSV file and the document containing your broadcast via FTP (BB45967)
  4. When the transfer is complete, email addressfinder@blackbaud.com. Allow approximately six weeks for processing to give the broadcast email recipients adequate time to respond.

    Sample Broadcast Email Wording [The bold formatted text is the only part of the email that can be changed.  Please note that the Subject line must contain an Organization Name, a few descriptive words, and be less than 55 characters (including spaces) and the Mission Statement (third paragraph) cannot exceed 255 characters (including spaces).  The Mission Statement is optional, but all other information is required.]

    From: The Center for Excellence  <Organization Name>
    Subject: The Center for Excellence Email Update 

    We are in the process of updating our database. Your name and address are in our database, but we would like to know if we have your correct email address.

    Email is an inexpensive and effective means to communicate with our constituents and we would like to use it to contact you. However, if you do not wish to receive email from The Center for Excellence, please click here and you will be removed from our mailing list.

    The Center for Excellence promotes the thriving culture of excellence in people throughout the Greater Metropolis area with a wide array of cultural programs; educational events; mental health and social services; and extensive programs.

    We are located at 1414 Evergreen Terrace, Metropolis, IL. To learn more about The Center for Excellence, please visit our website at www.centerforexcellence.org.

    We do not send unsolicited email. Should you have any questions about this message, please contact us at 555-555-5555, ext 411 or advancement@sampletest.org.

    Thank you for your support and have a great day.

    Download and Import the Results
    1. Retrieve the file:
      • Download the ZIP file from our FTP site (BB45967)
      • Save the file onto a workstation where The Raiser's Edge is installed. This file contains an import file (Spouse_EmailFinder.txt) and a file listing the records that opted out.
      • Unzip the file (BB546) to a location on your workstation
    2. Use the import file to update constituent records
      • Have all other users exit and sign out of The Raiser's Edge
      • Import the new spouse email addresses.  They will import to the constituent Preferred Address with a phone type of ‘Spouse EmailFinder’:
        1. In Administration, click Import 
        2. Under Constituent, select Constituent Phone and click New 
        3. On the General tab, select:
          • What do you want to do?: Import new records
          • Options: Create new table entries
          • Import file: Click the ellipses (...) to browse to the location of the Spouse_EmailFinder.txt file unzipped in step C above
          • How do you want the system to identify existing constituents?: Import ID
          • What is the Format of the import file?: Delimited - Characters separate the fields
        4. Leave the File Layout tab set to the defaults 
        5. On the Fields tab, ensure all fields are mapped 
        6. On the Summary tab, select:
          • Create exception file of records not updated/imported: Name the file C:\Exceptions.txt
          • Create control report: Preview
        7. Click Import Now to import the new spouse email addresses