1.  Go to Records, Vendors and open the Vendor record
2.  Select the Addresses tab of the Vendor Record and open the Vendor's address by clicking Open. 
3.  On the Options tab, enter the appropriate information in the Alias field and click OK. 
4.  Save and Close the vendor record.
5.  On Records, Vendors click the binoculars to Search for a Vendor by name
6.  In the Alias field, notice the vendors alias has been updated.


1. Open Search window
2. At the top right, next to Search using Query: field, press the button "Click to edit the query design"
3. On the output tab, expand addresses option
4. Double-click Address line 1 
5. Using blue arrow, move up to desired position
6. Click Save and return to search
7. In original search window, click Find Now to update results.