Check to see if the error occurs in another division. 

If this error is received in other divisions or in other modules, refer to Error: FundWare Message 2006 : The system has encountered an error creating an Active X doc process.
If it does not, there is probably some file corruption.

There are sometimes cases where some of the files that had problems were the ##ots, the ##otbh and the ##otd.  The ##otd can be copied in from a recent backup as it holds the AP reference definitions.

1.  Run FileMaint.exe for ##o* and see if any files get errors. There most likely will be at least one that will not reorg.  Verify the user is looking for this and has copied it to the backup folder first.
2.  If a file will not reorg, try the following rebuilds:
     a.  Rebuild with mftosq and afwrun nwsrbld1 at the dos prompt and note the number it generates.
     b.  If mftosq does not rebuild, use rebuild with a switch e (example:  rebuild  02ots  /e).   
     c.  If this rebuild receives 9018 errors at the dos prompt, the file needs to be renamed to division 99 (or any other division) and then rebuild with the /d command.
         Rename 02ots*.* 99ots*.*
         Rebuild 99ots,02ots /d
     d. If mftosq does not rebuild, use an alternative rebuild program
(Sometimes the rebuild shows a 9139 error on the ota file.  This usually means that the programs and files are at different versions, but that does not seem to be the case in this situation.)
3.  Verify it is not a problem of running out of disk space. You may be able to delete some older backups in the division maintenance backup folders.
4.  If none of these steps solve the problem, your data needs to be tested by Support.