There are two options in order to account for the outstanding checks that have not been entered in FundWare.

1. Adjust the ending balance in Integrated Bank Reconciliation to take into the account the checks that were written in the old system. In order to do this simply take the ending balance on the register and subtract the outstanding checks and proceed with the bank reconciliation. When all of the checks are cleared from the old system, the bank will then be in balance


2. Enter a manual check, post the check to a detail period, then import the transaction to get the balance in alignment to the bank register in Integrated Bank Reconciliation.

Note: You will need to then reverse the posting of the manual check so the balance of the cash account in General Ledger is accurate.

After producing the manual check and clearing the amount within Integrated Bank Reconciliation, you will need to remember when importing transactions again after the reversal of the manual check to not bring in the reversal of the amount that originally accounted for the outstanding checks.