If the ratings are all from different years and you only need to output those from a specific year, add the following to the criteria tab of the query:

AND Prospect > Ratings > Date between [1/1/##] and [12/31/##]

NOTE: This may not work in certain situations, such as when a constituent's most recent ratings were in one year, but you have other ratings from later years.

To resolve this, create additional queries (one for each year) and merge them.
  1. In the merge, use the query for the previous year's ratings as the Primary Query.
  2. Use the query with the ratings from the current year as the Secondary Query.
  3. Select SUB as the merge operator.
Note: You may have to repeat these steps multiple times for the most accurate results. Each time, use the next previous year's query as the Primary Query and the merged query from the previous merge as the Secondary Query.  Use SUB as the Operator.