Power User Group Settings
In order to run FundWare, your users must be Power Users on the FundWare server.
If you have an Active Directory Organizational User (ADOU) Group for your accounting users, you will need to make the group a member of the local Power Users group.
  1. Right-click on My Computer and select Manage, Local Users and Groups, Groups.
  2. Double-Click the Power Users group.
  3. Add your ADOU to this group.
    Note: If there is not an ADOU group, you will need to make the individual users power users on the server.

    NOTE: If the FundWare server is a Domain Controller, you will not have the Local Users and Groups option. Refer to system requirements documentation that states we do not support FundWare on a Domain Controller.

Drive Settings
Power users will need to have the following rights on the drives on your server. Reset permissions on the drives and FundWare folder, applying to child objects:
  1. 'Read, Write, and Execute' on C* and D** drives
  2. 'Modify' rights on the D:\FundWare folder
    1. C drive designates the default setting for the operating system drive
    2. D drive designates a secondary partition used for applications and third party products
Local Security Policy Changes
Power users need to have the following changes to the Local Security Policies.
Click on Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Local Security Policy, Local Policies, User Rights Assignments:
  1. Add the Power Users Group to the following policies:
    1. Access this computer from network
    2. Load and Unload Device Drivers
    3. Log on Locally (Windows Server 2000)
    4. Allow Log on Locally (Windows Server 2003)
    5. Log on through Terminal Services (Windows Server 2003 only)
  2.   Ensure your Power Users group is NOT listed in the following policies:
    1. Deny Logon Locally
    2. Deny Logon through Terminal Services
    3. Shut Down the System
Terminal Services Permissions - Server
  1. From Start, All Programs, Administrative Tools, Terminal Services, Configuration
  2. Double-click on the RDP-TCP icon
  3. Select the Permissions tab and add the Power Users group
  4. Grant Power Users Group Full Control
Terminal Services Permissions - Local work station
  1. Right click on the users FundWare Remote Desktop icon and select 'Edit'
  2. Select the 'Local Resources' tab
  3. Under 'Local Devices,' uncheck the Printers checkbox
Active Directory Users and Computers
For each FundWare user, in Active Directory, ensure the checkbox on the Terminal Services Profile tab is NOT checked, which will deny any log on to any Terminal Server.
Virus Protection and Spy Ware
  • Background system scans can be run on the FundWare server
  • Exclude the FundWare, Microsoft SQL Server and any third-party software folders from the background scans
  • Setup a scheduled scan for either the entire system or for the folders excluded above
  • Do not install Spyware software on the FundWare server. Spyware software has been known to mistake FundWare as being malicious and deletes portions of the program.