Ensure your users are power users:
1)     Logon the server as the local administrator
2)    FundWare users need to be power users on the server. To verify they are:
                        1.     Right click on “My Computer” and select “Manage”
                        2.     Select “Local Users and Groups”
·                         Note: If your server is a domain controller, you will not see “Local Users and Groups”. Please refer to our hardware requirements stating we do not support FundWare on a domain controller.
                        3.     Select the “Groups” folder
                        4.     Select the “Power Users” group
                        5.     Ensure your users are listed in this group and add them if they are not. Alternatively, if you have an Active Directory group that your FundWare users are all a member of, you can add that   group, instead of the individual users, to this Power Users group.
For your hard drives:

3)     Browse to the C: and D: drives and right-click on it, then go to Properties and ensure power users have “Write” access to the drives.
·         Note: C: designates the OS drive and D: designates the applications drive
4)     Browse to your FundWare directory and right-click on it, then go to Properties
5)     Select the Security Tab and make sure the Power Users group is listed in the top box. If it is not, click on Add and add the group.
6)     Select the group in the top box and in the lower box, verify “Modify” and “Read” are both checked under “Allow”. If not, check them.
7)     Click on “Advanced” and at the bottom of the screen, check the box that says “Reset permissions on Child Objects”
8)     Click APPLY and answer YES to the question that pops up.
9)     Once permissions are reset, click OK, then OK again.
For your registry:

10)  Click on Start and Run and type in RegEdt32 then click Ok
11)  Go into the Registry
12)  Select HK_LOCAL_MACHINE, then SOFTWARE and then FUNDWARE. Right click on “FundWare” and go to PERMISSIONS. (If you can’t right click, or PERMISSIONS is not an option, look at the menu bar and select SECURITY then PERMISSIONS.)
13)  Follow steps 5-9 above to reset permissions on this registry key.
14)  Reset permissions on the Micro Focus and ODBC keys as well, following steps 5 to 9 for each key.
15)  Close the registry and launch Fundware.