1.  Reorg using the FileMaint Utility  to see if there are errors showing on files that may be stopping the posting.
2.  Increase the last obligation number:
    a.  Verify that 00 System Administration appears in the drop down box, click OK.
    b.  Select System Administration,  System Utilities.
    c.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
        Program Name           OCW206
        Switches                       260
        Parameters                  (blank)
        Business Date            Use today's date
        Division                        Select the appropriate division.
        Click Run.
3.  Press C to (C)hange.
4.  Type in 8, press Enter.
5.  Edit the Last obligation number by increasing the number by 100, press Enter.
6.  Press the F2 key.
7.  Type in 0 to accept the change, press Enter.
8.  Type E to End.

If the instructions above do not correct this error, continue to Step 9 below.

9.    Run an Invoice History Report (OTHIST) to determine the last obligation number in use. 
10.  Repeat steps 2-8 above to increase the obligation number to past the last number in use.

If the error is still received, Run the diagnostic programs OTS970 and OTS971 for Accounts Payable.