Make sure a division backup is performed prior to Saving or Purging Payroll History.  Once the detail is gone the only way to get it back is with a restore.  Many clients will copy to an archive division to save the history and then run the purge in their live division so they can process payroll and run reports without the large files.

1.  Save Year - First save summary information.  This purges out the detail files but saves the summary files.  Once this is done, it is still possible to run Employee History by Period and Columnar Reports for employees (these reports pull from the summary files, which are saved). Check history, One-line Check List and Account Distribution reports for the year just saved will no longer be available, as they run from the detail files.

2.  Purge Year - can only be done if a year is "Saved" first.  With this task, it is possible to remove terminated employees.  For an employee to be removed, his "status" MUST be T - terminated AND no summary or detail can exist (for ANY year).  Be careful to not add new employees just prior to performing the purge, as they will be purged if they haven't had a payroll run for them yet.  Once the employees are purged, they are GONE.  Any inquiry on this information can only be done by restoring data from before the purge took place.  It may also be a good idea to store a hard copy of the employee Master list before purging for a reference.

1. In Payroll, select Processing, Periodic Processing, Purge/Save Year
2. In Function, choose either:
S for Save Summary Information, or
P for Purge entire Year
3. In Purge Term, select Y- Purge terminated employees
4. In Year, enter the year to be purged
5. Press Enter and then 0 to accept
6. Press Enter again to complete the process

3.  Run the Synch Employees utility:

1.  At the FundWare server launch Windows Explorer and browse to the FundWare\7.xx\Bin folder.
2.  Double-click PycEmpInqUtil.exe to synch the employees from Classic to Windows.
3.  The program will prompt you for a division number.  Enter the division number for the new test division you created.
4.  Click Build/Repair.
5.  Click OK when you receive the message, Buid/repair succeeded.

Full details are available in the Payroll/Personnel User Guide Volume I, available on your system under Fundware\data\User Documentation.