Error: required field missing: [FIELD] when importing appeals into The Raiser's Edge from BBDM

This error may appear when fields for appeals are marked as required in The Raiser's Edge but are not able to be specified when creating a new appeal through BBDM during the activation process.
This error is caused when trying to create a new appeal in Raiser's Edge that was created in Blackbaud Direct Marketing when activating a mailing. Since there is not an option to set a Start Date for the appeal when activating a mailing, the error is received when trying to create the appeal since a required field is missing.

The appeal can be imported using one of the following methods:

1. Temporarily uncheck the option to require the Start Date on appeals
2. Import the appeal
3. Mark the Start Date as required on Appeals if needed


1. Manually create the appeal in Raiser's Edge including the Start Date
2. Refresh the Blackbaud Direct Marketing data
3. Open the mailing in Blackbaud Direct Marketing and select Edit Activation Criteria
4. Select to Use an Existing Appeal and search for the newly added one from Raiser's Edge



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