1.  Select a non-business day and reconcile the stale checks.

a.  Using the Modules bar or the Menu bar, select Payroll/Personnel -> Bank Reconciliation -> Check Reports.
b.  At Bank Range, enter the Use IDs for the bank(s) you are reporting stale checks for.
c.  At Date range, enter the date used to reconcile the stale checks in the from and to fields.
d.  At Status, enter E - Exclude for Outstanding, Unused, and Void; enter I - Include at the Reconciled field.
e.  Press F2 to accept the remaining report defaults.
f.   If this report is filed for printing later, the name in Print Manager is BRCHKRP.L## - Check Report (where ## is your division number).

2.  Produce the Payroll/Personnel Bank Reconciliation Check Report.

3.  Post a journal entry to debit your Payroll/Personnel cash account associated with this bank and credit a liability that you designate for the amount due to your state.

4.  Enter an obligation for this amount in Accounts Payable to the liability account.

5.  Pay the obligation as directed by your state.