Prerequisites to installing FundWare 7.70:
  1. Review System Requirements
  2. SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 need to be removed before installing SQL Server 2008. Please review How to uninstall SQL from the FundWare server before continuing with the steps below.
  3. Verify SQL Server 2008 is installed.
  4. If upgrading FundWare, contact FundWare support for your 7.60/7.70 registration number.
  5. Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.
  6. Review the release notes (ReleaseNotes.txt) found in your installation folder.
  7. Ensure you log in as the local administrator.
  8. If installing on Vista, Windows 7 or Server 2008, UAC must be disabled before installing.
  9. Disable any antivirus software that is running on the computer.
  10. Know the SQL Server SA password, as you will be asked for this information during the FundWare installation.
  11. Confirm that all users are logged off Windows Terminal Server through the Programs, Administrative Tools, Terminal Services Manager task.
  1. Download the latest version to the server.
  2. Configure Windows Server: [Windows Server 2003] [Windows Server 2008]
  3. Configure user security settings on the server
  4. Complete installation of SQL Server
  5. Locate and launch the Setup.exe file in the root of the FundWare folder to begin FundWare installation
    • *If installing Fundware on Windows Server 2008 with Terminal Services, setup.exe must be launched using 'Install Application on Terminal Server'.
    • *If installing Fundware on Windows Server 2003 with Terminal Services, setup.exe must be launched using 'Add Remove Program' from the Control Panel.
  6. On the version information screen, select the version of FundWare you are upgrading from
    *If you are an existing FundWare 7.x client migrating to a new server, select NEW CLIENT.
    *If you are an existing FundWare 7.x client upgrading the same server, this screen will not appear.
  7. Click Next to continue
  8. On the registration information screen, enter the following information:
    • Your FundWare registration key given to you by your sales representative
    • Your organization Name
    • Your organization Address
    • Your organization City, State and Zip
    • Your organization Phone Number
  9. Click Next to continue
  10. Accept the Terms of License Agreement
  11. Click Next to continue
  12. Select the destination folder for the FundWare program files. These should be on your D:\ drive. If you only have a C:\ drive, select the C:\ drive:
  13. Click Next to continue
  14. Enter SA for the username and the password you entered as you installed SQL Server on your Terminal Server
  15. Click Next to continue
  16. Click OK on the IMPORTANT NOTE and make sure you have the SQL login username and password noted someplace safe.
  17. On the Start Copying Files screen, note the current settings are correct:
  18. Click Next to continue. Blackbaud FundWare 7.6 will begin installing
  19. On the Setup Complete screen, change the radio button to "No"
  20. Click Finish to continue
  21. Before rebooting remove the semi-colon from Path Variable
    • Right-click on My Computer and select Properties
    • Select the Advanced System Settings
    • Click on the Environment Variables button
    • In the bottom box, double-click the Path variable
    • Remove the semi-colon at the end of the Path Variable
    • Click OK to save new settings
  22. Reboot the server and the convert program should start and run.
  23. If it does not, you can run it manually by double-clicking on the My Computer icon and going to the drive you installed FundWare to. Go into the FundWare\7.60\bin folder and double-click on Convert.exe to run Convert. Note: This process is needed for all clients – both new and existing.

    SPECIAL NOTICE FOR FundWare 7.5 clients installing 7.6/7.7:
    If you select the option, “No, I will restart my computer later.” And click FINISH, you may receive the following Error: Could not set LogFile registry.
    If you receive this error, click 'OK.' This error message is incorrect. By clicking 'OK', the error message will be bypassed. It has no impact on your installation process.
  24. Click Next to start the process
  25. You will receive a message that some tasks may take a while to run, click OK on the message.
  26. If you have existing divisions in FundWare, they will appear next.
  27. Uncheck any test divisions or FundWare sample data divisions 95 and 96. These can be re-created at a later time from Division Maintenance in FundWare.

    Note: If you unchecked any divisions, verify you do not need those divisions and click Yes.
  28. Click NEXT to continue.
  29. Convert will begin the process of converting your data up to FundWare 7.70
  30. Once convert finishes, you will receive a confirmation message, click OK to continue.