1. Go to Setup, Employee Data Items.
2. Select C) Change.
3. Enter the Data Item (i/e .o dept/.o gla)
4. Press Enter.
5. Enter field 5 to change, press Enter.
6. Select A) Add.
7. Enter the description for the item you wish to add to the drop-down, press Enter. You will then see a screen for the edited value.
8. Leave Active as 'Y'. Press Enter.
9. If desired, enter a value for Lookup 1. Press Enter. (Long Description)
10. Enter a value for Lookup 2. (Account Mask) Press Enter.
     Note: An account mask is required to add the new entry.
11. Confirm on the bottom of the screen you see 'Edit value has been added'.
12. Press Esc. You will see the new entry listed in the edited value list with the word 'add' next to it.
13. Select E) End, 0 to accept, press Enter, Esc, E) End
13. Exit and sign out of FundWare
14. Go to the Accounting Information tab of an employee and confirm the new entry was added.