IMPORTANT: DO NOT attempt to reverse an out of balance trace report. Refer to How to Reverse Out of Balance Trace.  However, if the trace report is in balance, you may proceed with the following step:

1.  Scroll date tables for the ID type that has the bad closing. Note the first day of each fiscal year starting after the closing date in question. Check for roll-forwards on these dates. Also check for closed years and/or periods. You must reopen all years and periods to before the year-end dates to be reversed.
2.  Run an account detail report (ACDTL) for all dates, including closing transactions, for all fund balance accounts. Identify all C = closing entries that need to be reversed. Normally, only entries that resulted in Created by Posting accounts will be reversed. Make a list of C entries in reverse date order.
3.  Make a complete backup of all FundWare data files.
4.  Using the list prepared in step 2, reverse the C Closing/Post revenue and expense to Fund Balance in Reverse date order:
     a)  In the menu bar, select File, Open IFW, Select Division 00 System Administration, Sign in with the Year End business date, Click OK.
          The System Administration (00) Window will display.
     b)  In the menu bar, select System Administration, System Utilities.
          Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
          Program Name     CST360
          Switches          20
          Parameters          <blank>
          Business Date     Use date of closing trace, usually the year end date.
          Division          Select the appropriate division.
          Click Run.
                    Are your entries correct? Y)es
                    Date: Same as batch to be reversed
                    Batch number: Number of batch to be reversed
                    Target per type: C (Closing)
                    Description: "Reverse closing entry #" (reference batch number)
     c)  Reverse all the incorrect closing traces with the above program. 
5.  Check all trace reports, determine that all entries on the list have been reversed properly.
6.  Use the General Ledger, Year-End Processing menu to Post Rev/Ex, using the correct "Closing ID" fund balance mask.
7.  Roll beginning balances forward. When the correct balances are rolled, the Created By Posting fund balance accounts will be adjusted to 0 balances. Then change the status on all the Created By Posting accounts to I for Inactive.