Records can become locked when a user is in the process of changing or modifying an order in Accounts Receivable or when entering a Cash Receipt.  A locked record is the result of a Fundware sql table showing the record still in use.  In order to clear Accounts Receivable locks you can run 'ClearARLocks.exe'.

Note that a record can also appear locked if the user is on a business date earlier than an invoice was created.Please make a back up of the database before proceeding and ensure no one is in Accounts Receivable or Cash Receipts in the division in question.

To unlock all records:
For versions 7.20 and above:

     1.  On the server, select Start, Run.
     2.  Click Browse.
     3.  Browse to FundWare\7.xx\Bin\ClearARLocks.exe. (where XX is your version number) 
     4.  Click Open.
     5.  Add the following, after a space, to the run line at the end of the path:  /d## (where ## is the appropriate division number).
      ***For example the run box will show C:\FundWare\7.60\Bin\ClearARLocks.exe /d02. Click OK.
     6.  This brings up a black DOS window.
     7.  The screen shows the number of rows affected. 
     8.  Exit the command prompt and continue working in FundWare.

For versions 7.15 - 7.17:

     On the server open a command prompt.
     Then type in at the C prompt:
     C:osql -E    

     1>use AFW## (## is the division number you are working in)
     1>delete from entityinstancelock
     The screen will show the number of rows affected.  Exit command prompt and continue working in Fundware.