If Raiser's Edge IS NOT Hosted by Blackbaud:

Complete these steps if accessing The Raiser's Edge from your local computer:
  1. Login to the workstation where the error occurs as a user with Administrative rights
  2. Go to the folder where the AddressAccelerator files are located
  3. Copy ONLY the Update.exe to the desktop of the affected workstation
  4. Right Click and run this as an Admin leaving all of the defaults
  5. Try to validate an address again to see if the error has been resolved
NOTE: If you continue to receive the error and access The Raiser's Edge via a Citrix connection ask your organization's IT department the following:
  • Does our Citrix environment use a MTE (Multi-Tenant Environment)?
  • Is VDISK Golden Image in use for the presentation servers in the Citrix environment?
If the answer to either question is yes, your organizations IT department will need to update AddressAccelerator on the Citrix master image.  Please contact the appropriate software vendor or IT professional for assistance with this process or issue which is beyond Blackbaud's scope of support.

If Raiser's Edge IS Hosted by Blackbaud:
  1. Take note of the server you are logged into
    • Once in Raiser's Edge look at the bottom right side of the toolbar.  Right click on CItrix Connections Icon.
    • Choose Connection Center.
    • The Server is listed in here.
  2. Click Chat with Support and reference this article. Please include the following:
    • Server Name
    • RE User Name\Password
    • Hosting User Name\Password