Log checks in the Cut Checks folder for the bank:

1. From the Disbursements folder, expand the folder for the bank you selected to Mark for Pay.
2. Open the Cut Checks folder.
3. Click the Log Checks button.
4. Once the checks are logged, No Cut Checks folder is visible for the Bank.
5. Verify all pending folders have been posted in Accounts Payable

If you do not see a Cut checks folder, perform the following steps:

All users must be logged out of the FundWare Accounts Payable module. Also insure you have a backup of your data. You can create an internal backup in Division Maintenance.

1. Select File, Open Fundware.
2. Sign into division 00
3. Select System Administration > Division Maintenance.
4. Highlight your division.
5. Click Backup. When the backup is finished:
6. Highlight your division.
7. Click Clear AP Flags.
8. Select System Administration > System Utilities.
9. Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:

Program Name: OTS906
Switches: 3
Parameters: Leave blank

If the error is not resolved, continue below.  The bank (ocw208) and the run (ocw218) need to be in agreement.

1.  In FundWare Division 00 go to System Administration, System Utilities. Enter Program name: OCW208, switches: 20, parameters: <leave blank>.  Select your division and click "Run". Leave the Business Date as today's date.

          a.  Display the Bank you were using when you received the run currently in use message.
          b.  My Current Run from field 7 is _______.
          c.  My Marked For Pay Count from field 8 is ______.
          d.  My Cut Count from field 8 is _______.

          STOP! If (b) is Ø , do not proceed with step 2. Please call FundWare Support for further assistance.

2.  Exit Display Bank from step 1 and enter Program name:OCW218, switches:20, parameters: Leave blank:
          a.  Display the Run from step 1b.
          b.  My Current Use Count from field 4 is _____.
          c.  My Current Status from field 5 is _________________.
          d.  My Marked For Pay Count from field 6 is _____.
          e.  My Cut Count from field 6 is _____.
          f.  My Logged Count is _____.

          STOP! You must verify that your bank and run are in sync before proceeding to step 3:

          g.  My 1(c) matches my 2(d) YES or NO
          h.  My 1(d) matches my 2(e) YES or NO

          STOP! If you answered NO to either (a) or (b), do not proceed. Please call FundWare Support for further assistance.

          If you answered YES to both (a) and (b), proceed.

3. Instead of displaying the run in step 2, change the run:
          a.  Select C to change.
          b.  Enter the run number from 1(b) above.
          c.  Change field 4 (Use Count) to Ø and press Enter.
          d.  The Current Status in field 5 depends on the answers given for (c) and (d) in step 1 above.
                    If the answer to 1(c) is larger than 0, change the Current Status in field 5 to "1" which is Marked for Pay.
                    If the answer to 1(d) is larger than Ø, change the Current Status in field 5 to "2" which is Cut.
                    If the answer to 2(f) is larger than Ø, change the Current Status in field 5 to "3" which is Logged.


5.  When asked "Enter Field to be changed, Ø to accept" press Enter. The bottom of the screen should read "Run Has Been Changed" before you press Esc and select E to End.

6.  When complete, press Esc and continue working.