- For Fundware versions prior to 7.40, the Aging Report can only be run from the current business date to be accurate.
- For Fundware versions 7.40, and higher, the Aging Report does run correctly for the Reporting Date entered when running the report.

The Aging Report calculates age based on the business date entered in the Due Date field when the obligation is entered and posted. (stage 30 for most set ups). If you want the due date to be different than the posting date, you will need to change the date in the Due Date field.
If an obligation is edited and the Due Date changed, the aging process will then calculate on the new due date.

The Posting date and Due date of an obligation can be verified:

  1. From Accounts Payable, select Open.
  2. Click on the Vendor Folder, and double-click on the vendor for the obligation.
  3. Select the Activity Detail tab.

The Stage Date equals the Due Date, and the Posted date is the date the obligation was actually entered into AP and posted to GL.