1. Login the FundWare server as the local administrator.
  2. Browse out to http://www.blackbaud.com/support/downloads/downloads.aspx and login.
  3. Select  FundWare F9.
  4. Read the installation instructions for full details. They instruct you as below.
  5. Click on the F9 download and save it to the server's desktop.
  6. Once saved, close the Internet window.
  7. Launch Add/Remove programs from Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove programs. (On 2008 servers, launch Install Application on Terminal Server from Start, Control Panel.)
  8. Browse to the desktop and run F9v4203.exe
  9. Select a location to install F9. If you already have a folder named F9 and are updating versions, you may set up a new folder named F9V4.2 to allow you to test both versions. FundWare recommends inside the FundWare folder.
  10. Install F9 on the server.
  11.  At the end of the install, there will be a read-me pdf that opens.  In addition to other setup steps, it goes through the differences in Excel 2010 from earlier versions.
  12. Follow the instructions in the readme file to update Excel add-ins to point to the updated F9.xll file in the new folder. There will be several pdf files in the folder you used to install.  The Readme can be accessed at any time, and is named Readme_Fundware.pdf. There is also a manual named F9_V4.pdf and an F9_quicktour_fundware.pdf for someone new to F9 with FLogin
  13. Once installed, close the Add/Remove programs window and the Control Panel.