If you received any file errors, perform a reorg using the FileMaint Utility
If the payroll has been logged, the Efts will need to be voided and the eft payroll will need to be processed again.

If the payroll has not been logged, it can be taken back to the precut status and produced again:

1. First rename the current ##pyn or ##py2 file in the Data folder
2. Have all users sign out of FundWare and verify there is a good backup.
3. Select File -> Open Fundware.
4. Verify that 00 - System Administration appears in the drop down box, click OK.
5. Select System Administration -> System Utilities.
6. Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:

Program Name        PYL935
Switches            <blank>
Parameters          <blank>
Business Date Use today's date
Division Select the appropriate division.
Click Run.

7. At Enter Check Sequence Nbr, press Enter.
8. At Enter Bank, type the short name for the bank. Use capital letters when entering letters.

If you do not know the system name for your bank, enter the following. If you do know the name, proceed to Step 9.

Select System Administration > System Utilities.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:

Program Name                PYL149
Switches                    20
Parameters                  <leave blank>
Business Date               Use today's date
Division                    Select the appropriate division.
Click Run

a. Type S to Scroll when in the Blue screen.
b. Enter past the Bank field, leaving it blank and a list of the banks will displace.
c. Note how the bank is named in the column on the left (this is case sensitive).
d. Press ESC to return to the selections
e. Type E to End.
f. You need to do steps 6 through 8 again.

9. At 'Are you sure you want to do this?', type Y.
10. When conversion is complete, press Enter.
11. Run a preliminary or Perform Produce Checks/EFT Pymts again.