The file of data created when running the Fundraising Effectiveness Project Plug-in is automatically sent to FEP. To review the data after it has been submitted: 
  1. A temporary file is created in C:\Windows\Temp - browse to this location and open the file in Excel.
  2. Fill in the parameters again and click the Preview All Data button
As indicated, the Raiser's Edge stores submitted FEP files in this temporary system folder, periodically the Windows operating system clears out files in the \temp\ folder.  So, if you don't look for the FEP file right after you submit it, it may be deleted.

If you cannot find the file in the temp folder then export your results by performing the following steps:
  1. In the plugin click Preview Data for that section
  2. Right Click the Grid for that section
  3. Select 'Export Grid to Excel'
  4. Repeat these steps for 'All Constituents,' 'Individuals Only,' and 'Organizations Only'.
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NOTE: To avoid sending the data to the Association of Fundraising Professionals again, do not click Send more than once.
NOTE: Hosted clients do not have access to the temporary file and should export the results.  For further information see 67726.