1. Open FundWare, enter your user and password.
2. In the Select Division screen, click on the drop-down and select the 00 System Administration division and click OK. 
( If you do not have this selection in the drop-down, then you do not have rights to this division.  You will need to have a user with rights to the 00 division to sign on.)
3. In 00 System Administration, select Security and select Workgroups.
4. Click New to add a new Workgroup, select the appropriate division from the drop-down, and give the Workgroup a description.
5. Select the modules that you would like the users to be able to access and click on the hyperlink for each module.
6. For specific Functions, give the user rights to display this function.
7. For specific Stages in Accounts Payable and other Functions, give the user rights to view each of these.
8. Click ok to save the Workgroup and open the user in question.
9. Select the new Workgroup in the settings of the user.