1. Create a CSV file containing the information to import into ResearchPoint
    • If the constituent is already in ResearchPoint, include the Lookup ID, First Name, and Last Name in this file to update that record
  2. In ResearchPoint, go to Adminstration > Batch Entry
  3. Click Batch Templates (on the left-hand side of the page)
  4. Create or Edit a Batch Template (BB502088) to use for the import - the fields in the file must have a corresponding field in the batch design. If updating existing information, choose an Update Batch.
  5. Save the batch design and click "Create Import"
  6. Create the Import (BB705623) and click Save when finished
  7. Highlight the import and click "Start Import"
  8. When the import finishes with no exceptions, click "Go to Batch Entry". The file that was just imported will be an uncommitted batch.
  9. Highlight the batch and click Commit. A pop-up box appears containing commit options. Choose the appropriate options as desired.
Once the batch has been committed, the data is in ResearchPoint. Open a record to double-check what was imported. Educational Information is located on the Constituent view of a record - not the Wealth and Ratings page. From the Wealth and Ratings page, click View As Constituent (on the left-hand side of the page) to go to this view.

Note: To update an existing educational entry (add Class Year to someone who already has an Educational record), the import file must have Educational Institution Name, Program, and Degree that matches what is in ResearchPoint. These fields are used to see if the existing education record is to be updated or if a new education record is to be created. If all 3 fields do not match to what is already on the record, a new education entry will be created which may cause duplicate information.