The install files folder referred to below will be on your Fundware Installation CD starting at version 7.31.
  1. In the Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, click Add New Programs.
  2. Click CD or Floppy.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Browse to the Support\ Nightly Database Backup folder that is located in the install files folder.
  5. Open the Setup.exe file.
  6. Select the time for the schedule backups to run (you will not be able to change this later. If you do need to change the time later, remove the program and add once again).
  7. Complete the setup wizard.
  8. Go to Control Panel, Scheduled Tasks.
  9. Right-click on AT1 and select Run.
  10. The SQL databases will be located in the FundWare\Data\DBBackup folder.  If the databases are not backed up, review the log file in the Logs folder, also under the DBBackup folder for errors.