It is not possible to change a Net Pay Calculation back to a Time Sheet.  Therefore if an incorrect pay type was used, we can correct it by creating a new time sheet.  Here are the steps to resolve this issue.

1. Click on the Time Sheet folder.
2. Click New at the bottom of the screen.
3. Enter the employee ID that is incorrect.
4. Enter the incorrect pay type.
5. Enter a negative for the hours or for the salary amount that was originally entered.  For example, if you accidentally entered an employee as Hourly with 5 hours, then enter Hourly with -5 hours.  The same is to be done for salary except you would enter the salary amount as negative.
6. Enter the correct pay type on the next line with the hours or salary amount.
7. Click the Verify button and then the Post button.  A trace report will be created that will wash the original posting.
8. Click on the Net Pay Calculations folder and the employee will be listed as Ready to Calc.
9. Calculate as normal and the check should be correct with the correct pay type.
10. Continue processing payroll as normal.