In order to print in Fundware, the user needs to logon to his or her workstation and the printer needs to be installed and shared there. You should also make it the default printer as well. Then, have the same user log into the server (either directly or through Terminal Services) and add the printer to the Windows profile there too and make it the default there as well. The printer needs to be listed in both places to work with Fundware. Once this is done, the user should be able to print.
  1. Log on to your local PC.
  2. Select Start, Settings, Control Panel, Printers.
  3. Verify the printer is listed in your Windows profile.
  4. Set the printer to Shared and Default. Share the printer by right clicking on the printer and selecting Properties, Sharing and mark Share This Printer. Right click on the new printer and select Set as Default.
  5. Sign onto the server with your logon. Set the same printer to Shared and Default.
  6. If you use printer redirection in Terminal Services, this needs to be disabled.
  7. To disable this, log on to the server as the Local Administrator.
  8. Select Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Terminal Services Configuration.
  9. Right click on RDP and open Properties.
  10. Select the Client Settings tab and in the connection section
  11. Unmark all the checkboxes and mark only the "Use connection settings from user settings" checkbox.
  12. If your default printer is still not being used, then the problem is not within the Windows setup, but in the template setup.
  13. Open the report in Print Manager.
  14. Select File, Page Setup/Define template and change the printer there. This affects all users who use this template.
  15. Select File, Page Setup/Define template and get the template’s name.
  16. Once that is done, go to Edit, Templates and find the template this report is using and modify or delete it.