Prior to doing the steps below, make sure you have a current backup of your database.

1. Go to Division 00 System Administration, System Utilities.
2.  Run the following program:

Program: PYL006 .
Switches: 20.
Parameters: <blank>
Business Date                    Use today's date
Division                  Select the appropriate division.
Click Run.

3. Select C for change mode.
4. Type 5 for Field to be changed.
5. Press Enter repeatedly until you reach the Active Year section.  Notate the year that is showing in this field.
6. Change the year to the year you want to enter employee adjustments for, press Enter, press F2.
7. Accept changes by pressing Enter. Wait for defaults to be loaded.
8. Type E to End and return to the System Utilities screen.

You can now sign on with the day and year you want want to make employee history adjustments for and make the entries.  Once the entries have been made, you will want to run the program again to change the Active Year date back to what it was.