For clients on 7.40 and earlier, run the following SQL script in DOS:
  1. Open DOS by clicking Start, Run and entering CMD.
  2. At the DOS prompt, enter osql -E and note the space between OSQL and -E.
  3. At the 1> prompt, enter: sp_dropdevice 'newdivision.bak'
  4. At the 2> prompt, enter:  go
  5. You should get a message that the device has been dropped.
  6. Go back into Division Maintenance and try adding the new division.

For clients on 7.50 and later:
  1. Click on Start, Programs, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Studio Management Express.
  2. Log into Studio Management Express with Windows Authentication
  3. Expand Server Objects, Backup Devices
  4. Delete NewDivision towards the bottom of the list.
  5. Close Studio Management Express and add the new division in FundWare.