First make sure that F9 is installed on the Server. The current version of 4.2.xx cannot be installed on a workstation.
If on the server and still getting this error, F9 can generate this error if it cannot read the user's FundWare login information from the AFWCore SQL database or the 00SYU files have not been refreshed recently.

To allow F9 to read from the 00SYU files or the AFWCore database, the following program must be run from the 00 System Administration division.

  1. Log into the 00 System Admin division and select System Utilities.
  2. Run the following program:
  • Program Name: NWS208
  • Switches: 20
  • Parameters: None - Leave Blank..
  • Business Date: Leave as the default.
  • Division: Select the division the F9 spreadsheet runs against.
  • Click RUN
  1. Enter a C to change.
  2. Enter the user's FundWare ID number.
  3. Enter a 2 for the Password parameter.
  4. Enter the user's password and confirm it.
  5. Enter a 0 to accept the changes.
  6. Press Escape and enter an E to end the program.
  7. Log into F9.
This integration is supported by Infor. Questions regarding resources, functionality, or troubleshooting with the F9 solution can be directed to Infor Support.