To verify this is the cause:

     1.  Launch Windows Explorer.
     2.  Browse to Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Log.
     3.  Open the ERRORLOG file in Notepad.
     4.  Look for a message that says - Access is denied.

Reset permissions for the FundWare folder and child objects:

      1.  Launch Windows Explorer.
      2.  Right click on the FundWare folder and select Properties.
      3.  Select the Security Tab.
      4.  Click Add.
      5.  Highlight Everyone.
      6.  Click Add.
      7.  Click OK.
      8.  Check the Full Control checkbox.
      9.  Click Apply.
    10.  Click Advanced.
    11.  Check the Reset Permissions on Child Objects checkbox.
    12.  Click Apply.
    13.  Exit the Properties box.
    14.  Perform a backup in Division Maintenance.
    15.  It may be necessary to stop and start the SQL Service.